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5 interactive luminous dresses, programmed in partnership with Google engineers. This is the first time Google ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects) has entrusted a fashion designer with an artistic carte blanche, integrating connectivity into garments using the proprietary Jacquard by Google technology.


The performance centers around ORACLE, a digital palm reading given by model and iconic muse Axelle Doué. The intricate central piece worn by Axelle represents the universe, entire galaxies and constellations lighting up as the visitors approach their palms to her hands: she is wearing gloves embroidered with Jacquard by Google technology. The surrounding luminous dresses embodying the four elements— air, earth, water, and fire—come alive during the reading, with mirrors reflecting them into infinity. The pieces are crafted from diverse materials, both natural and synthetic. Well beyond typical textiles, Clara Daguin implements optical fibers, pleating, embroidered circuits, addressable LEDs, sculpted resin, home-grown alum stone crystals, Swarovski Elements, silk organza, microcontrollers and radio frequency modules.


Held in the Palais des Mirages (Hall of Mirrors) — a life-size kaleidoscope invented by engineer Eugène Hénard for the Paris Exposition Universelle of 1900 — the singular space is nestled inside the Musée Grévin, Paris’s wax museum. Adding to the aura of the presentation, guests enjoyed cocktails in the Column Hall, mingling with synthetic replicas of famous personalities.

technical details​


capacitive sensors [2]

wifi modules [6]

circuits [30]

addressable leds [1451]

micro leds [5006]

el wire [8]

embroidery [2030 hours]



sensitive computing

fortune teller

infinity mirrors

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filmed in the musée grévin paris



axelle doué [oracle]

andrea le saint [fire]

emeline carreau [wandering girl]

kad diallo [water]

nora ou-meskour [air]

hyeseon jeong [earth]

direction & editing | les films d’icare

filmography & post-production | giovanni lorusso

music | studio cas

hair | cécile mollon deschamps

makeup | anna sadamori, débora sansh effila, yusaku nakahara

luminous nails | texto dallas

fashion pieces created with the help of the clara daguin team

aimie hainaud, alice pondard, alison martiny, aglaé cadio, amaia oillarburu, clémentine sicot, emilie denne, emilie savary, emeline carreau, enrico vespaziani, julie herbinot, léa brami, lucie briand, malou labrosse, rose crouan, romy dambrin, séléna boisjoly, sephora de peretti, yves guilbaud