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We will become hybrids of biological and non-biological intelligence.

-Raymond Kurzweil


Prosthetic Gods is Clara Daguin’s first collection, created as a part of her Master’s project. She explores the porous relationship between humans and machines.


Captivated by the omnipresence of connected objects—objects capable of not only answering our demands but also anticipating our questions—Clara Daguin endeavors to materialize the intangible nature of information. She is inspired by the cabling in data centers, the potential forms data could create, and often reflects on what a “virtual human” could be.


Her extensive textile research resulted in a system of fabric tubes which remains a key element in her work.

technical details​


hand crafted tubes [100m]

optical fiber [150m]

heart sensor [1]

cable ties [55]






masters collection [2015]

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