Clara Daguin was born in France and grew up in the Silicon Valley.

Her artistic practice is an artisanal approach based on the association of manual savoir-faire and technology, mostly through interactive “experiential” pieces crafted using embroidery and electronics. It speaks to the symbiosis of natural and artificial we experience daily, which is simultaneously fascinating and terrifying.

Using fashion as a medium allows the body to play a central role in understanding our evolving relationship to technology. The use of light as material gives substance to invisible energies, pulsations and waves inside of this body and around it. Light evokes the idea of the infinite, what is intangible and esoteric.

The message is neither utopian nor dystopian, simply an exploration of the current state of things. Function follows form as much as form follows function; the circuits are designed in relationship to the graphic nature of the embroidery, and the embroidery is designed based on the technical needs of the circuits. Here the “practically useful” is largely irrelevant. The experience is phenomenological and intention is placed on surprise, emotion, and contemplation.

Clara Daguin is based in Paris, France.


Clara Daguin's work lies at the intersection of high fashion, artisanal electronics, and interactive textile design. Her artistic work serves as a base from which to present ideas and proof of concepts which can serve client projects, putting this evolving savoir-faire to use in a multitude of sectors. 



jean-paul goude





première vision


exhibition - making fashion sense, hek - house of electronic arts basel - january-march 2020

exhibition - savoir-faire français - assemblée nationale, paris - november 2019

presentation - haute couture - chapelle expiatoire, paris - july 2019

conference, runway - netexplo - unesco, paris - april 2019

conference, runway - krasnoyarsk, russia - april 2019

exhibition - mise en couture et son savoir-faire - galerie st jacques, st quentin - march 2019

exhibition - 100 pourcent - la villette, paris - march 2019

exhibition - second square branché mode - carreau du temple, paris - february 2019

exhibition - born awards - design museum london, london uk - october 2018

exhibition - all over - via, paris - october - december 2018

exhibition - museum live! - centre georges pompidou, paris - september 2018

exhibition - berlin fashion week, berlin - july 2018

exhibition - bio-tech numérique - atelier néerlendais, paris - june 2018

exhibition - milan design week, milan - april 2018

conference - mode et nouvelles technologies, cnrs paris - march 2018

exhibition - "clara daguin - reveal the invisible" première vision paris - february 2018

conference - with pascal morand and bradly kurks at première vision paris - february 2018

documentary - "fashion geek: broder la lumiere" - arte creative - september 2017

exhibition - fashion tech festival - la piscine, roubaix - june 2017

showroom - formers - festival d’hyeres 2017 - april 2017

conference - flux - genève - march 2017

exhibition - wearable lab première vision paris - february 2017

conference - who’s next paris - january 2017

conference, runway, workshop - wear brasil, são paolo br - november 2016

exhibition - fashioning technology, perth au - october 2016

runway - speed fashion, munich de - october 2016

exhibition - iot grenoble - october 2016

runway - fashion live!, bratislava sk - october 2016

conference - south summit, madrid es - october 2016

exhibition - deutsche telekom for iscw, heidelberg de - september 2016

tradeshow - magic las vegas, las vegas usa - september 2016

exhibition - salon du luxe paris - july 2017

exhibition - fashiontech berlin, berlin de - june 2016

exhibition – invited to exhibit at tranoï tradeshow, paris - june 2016

conference, runway - nelly rodi “creative journey”, paris - june 2016

exhibition - d’days bastille design center, paris - june 2016

runway - finalist at festival international de mode hyères - april 2016