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Ninety-nine percent of who you are is invisible and untouchable.
- Richard Buckminster Fuller

“Aura Inside” is a hybrid piece, a cross between a garment and an interactive art installation. It brings vivacity to the experience of wearing couture, and a means of embodying effervescence. The name “Aura Inside” invokes the emanation of our invisible energies, and references the way the piece is presented: with the front and back split open, allowing one access into the core of it.

The silhouette is cosmic, entirely hand-embroidered and luminous. The motifs are inspired by the idea of the infinite; constellations, what is intangible and esoteric. Equipped with temperature sensors, this interactive dress uses the body's heat to have one's Aura come to life.

Created for Première Vision Wearable Lab exhibition CLARA DAGUIN : REVEAL THE INVISIBLE, February 2018

technical details​


embroidery [1000 hrs]

circuits [8]

leds [212]

optical fiber [100m]

temperature sensors [2]






videography: alexandre bré, florian solin | model: caroline hahn 

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le coup d'avance x première vision | videography: denis larzillière  | music: azel phara