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Man is only man at the surface. Remove his skin, dissect, and immediately you come to machinery.
- Paul Valéry


BODY ELECTRIC is a response to our growing dependence on information technology; the garments embody its omnipresent yet intangible nature.


A parallel is draw between the uniform in clothing and technology’s way of homogenizing and flattening. In order to reveal the intimate, the unique, we must look into the screen, through these windows.

The uniform pieces of the collection are inspired by classical workwear items, whose seams, pockets, collars, become the basis of incisions. This dissection of the uniform reveals the expressive self; a hand-embroidered electronic circuit: the fusion of human and computer anatomies.


This intimate garment reveals what hides beneath the skin. Veins and sinuous networks become visible through optic fibres and intricate hand-work. Heart sensors capture the body’s pulse and make it visible to the eye in waves of light, emanating from the embroidery.


Through a fusion of craft, handwork and technology, we are able to see the invisible, and bring to light a new dimension of expression.

technical details​


embroidery [2000 hrs]

beads [1kg]

hand crafted tubes [10m]

heart sensors [2]






festival international de mode et de photographie - hyères [2016]

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